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Attorney Spotlight: Hugo V. Alvarez

Attorney Spotlight: Hugo V. Alvarez

We’re proud of all our Real Estate practice team members and know that their dedication to quality service is what elevates Becker above the competition. Take a moment to get to know the talent behind your next transaction!

Hugo V. Alvarez

What are TWO TOP TIPS homebuyers should keep in mind when working with a title company?
(1) Read this blog post detailing 5 mistakes all first time home buyers should avoid making.
(2) Keep up with all the free tips and information provided by Becker Title on our blog.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to buy or sell right now?
For buyers, be patient and understand your objectives before you enter the market.
For sellers, there is a limit to asking prices even in this crazy market.
In today’s hot market I would encourage all buyers to read this article on how to avoid costly mistakes when purchasing property in today’s market.

What are some current trends/issues in the real estate world you find interesting?
For investors this could be a great time to purchase non-performing notes from banks or asset managers.  As the number of forbearances come to an end there could be a number of loans that banks wish to offload from their books.  I would encourage to read this article to learn more about this potential opportunity.



Hugo V. Alvarez has successfully worked on a large volume of cases with significant financial exposure. Fortune 500 companies, prominent real estate developers, municipalities, insurance companies, hotels, financial institutions, condominium/homeowner’s associations, and general contractors have all sought his legal advice and deep local community ties to help get issues resolved. Hugo has been published in the Miami-Daily Business Review, appeared on CNN, and Spanish TV, and is often quoted in leading business periodicals such as the South Florida Business Journal on local legal topics.

Mr. Alvarez works closely with his clients to understand their legal needs and business. He does this by focusing on his client’s objectives and not just on a pending dispute. By being involved in every aspect of his client’s business, he can help navigate his client’s directives and help avoid brewing disputes while also preparing for litigation.



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