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Attorney Spotlight: Michael E. Boutzoukas

Attorney Spotlight: Michael E. Boutzoukas

We’re proud of all our Real Estate practice team members and know that their dedication to quality service is what elevates Becker above the competition. Take a moment to get to know the talent behind your next transaction!

Michael E. Boutzoukas

What is your favorite Florida neighborhood?
Tampa Bay Region

What do you like best about living in Florida?

  • Spectacular weather (mostly)
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Sports Sports Sports
  • All of my family comes to visit us here

What is your favorite company/business/organization in town or nearby? Why?
Tampa Bay Lightning and related companies that the owner has in this area. It’s amazing what they’re doing. They’re transforming this whole area.

What is the most surprising real estate question/issue you have heard or handled? What was your solution?
My client had a property they were trying to develop that ended up with a series of code issues because they had approval to demolish a structure that people deemed to be historic. We resolved it by negotiating with the city to donate the building to the city along with $10,000 for someone to defray the cost of moving the building instead of demolishing it. The city accepted the proposal, waived tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and found someone to relocate the building and renovate it on a different site, so my client was able to complete their project.

What are TWO TOP TIPS commercial real estate investors should keep in mind when working with an attorney?

  1. Deep focus on due diligence.
  2. High level of communication with all the professionals involved (engineers, contractors, attorneys, accountants, etc.).



Michael E. Boutzoukas concentrates his practice in the areas of commercial real estate, real estate development, leasing, financing and business transactions. Michael provides clients with general consultation and guidance in legal matters to business clients, leveraging his own transactional experience with the firm’s specialists in taxation, employment law and securities to serve his clients’ needs. Mr. Boutzoukas’ peers call upon him to assist them with their clients’ real estate and business transactional disputes to gain perspective on the best course of resolution.

In 2009, he joined the approximately 450 Florida attorneys Board Certified in Real Estate Law. Board Certification by the Florida Bar is the highest level of recognition of an attorney’s competency and expertise in the areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida. Michael is actively engaged in the broader real estate community and regularly speaks before realtors, attorneys and businesses groups on commercial and residential real estate transactions, leasing issues, title matters, and ad valorem tax valuation challenges.


Michael Boutzoukas

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