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So You Want to Be a Real Estate Agent

During my 26 years practicing real estate law, and with over ten thousand real estate closings under my belt, I have seen my share of real estate agents. Some great. Others, not so much. The great ones, however, all share the same traits, and, in...

Perpetual Leases

Q: If my tenant’s lease contains an automatic renewal clause, does that mean I’m trapped in my lease forever? A: Probably not, but it depends on how the lease is worded. A landlord client came to me with a problem. He was stuck in a lease with...

Unlicensed Practice of Law

Q:  As a realtor, how do I know what I’m allowed to do myself, and what I need to hire an attorney to do? A: Real estate professionals often have questions about what might constitute the unlicensed practice of law – commonly known as UPL –...

Everything You Need to Know About Net Leases

The term net lease refers to a contractual agreement where, in addition to rent, a lessee pays a portion or all of the taxes, insurance fees, and maintenance costs for a property. Net leases are commonly used in commercial real estate. In the purest form...