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What Should a Buyer Do After They Have Purchased Their Dream Home?

What Should a Buyer Do After They Have Purchased Their Dream Home?

Completing a home purchase is an exciting moment for everyone who worked on the real estate transaction.  The seller has sold a property and perhaps made a nice profit from the sale.  The real estate agents that worked hard on the transaction for several months are finally going to get paid for their services.  The closing agent gets to share the joy of the buyer’s new home purchase and the buyer is undoubtedly excited about moving into a new home.

We recently discussed when the buyer gets the keys to the property after the closing is completed.  But there are still other actions buyers should consider taking after their real estate purchase is complete such as:

  • It is typically a good idea to have the home professionally cleaned before the move-in date.
  • Make arrangements to have the utilities either turned on or transferred from the prior owner.
  • Make arrangements with the post office to change the mailing address.
  • Timely apply for the homestead exemption.

Speaking of the homestead exemption, one added benefit of being a homeowner is that you may be able to qualify for the homestead exemption.  If you qualify, the homestead exemption could significantly lower your property taxes.  Contact one of our attorneys to discuss this in greater detail.

If you purchased a property that is located within a community governed by a homeowner’s association then it is also a good idea to learn as much information about the community as possible.  You should start by contacting the management office to get information regarding association meetings and other regularly conducted business associated with the running of your new community.  Additionally, consider getting involved in your community affairs and attend all regularly scheduled board meetings.

Lastly, buyers should not forget to celebrate their home purchase.  Buyers should invite everyone over that played a role in their real estate transaction.  Everyone that helped the buyer with that purchase will want to share in the joy of completing that transaction.

Hugo Alvarez

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