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Attorney Spotlight: Jennifer Bales Drake

Jennifer Bales Drake is a highly accomplished real estate attorney and a Vice Chair of Becker’s Public, Private Partnerships (P3) practice group. Jennifer’s practice focuses on commercial transactions which range from planned project development, including creation of condominiums, mixed used developments, townhome developments and single family...

Bigger Is Seldom Better

The end of the year is the time of year when real estate attorneys are the busiest. We are trying to close multiple deals by year-end for our clients. With the closing rush comes the review and negotiation of stacks of documents. We work on...

Attorney Spotlight: Hugo V. Alvarez

This month’s Attorney Spotlight introduces you to Business Litigation Practice Group Shareholder Hugo V. Alvarez. Mr. Alvarez has successfully worked on a large volume of cases with significant financial exposure. Fortune 500 companies, prominent real estate developers, municipalities, insurance companies, hotels, financial institutions, condominium/homeowner’s associations and general...

Shedding Light on Sea Turtle Lighting

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and coastal local governments regulate what lighting is permitted to avoid and minimize the impacts to sea turtles, but why is artificial coastal lighting a problem? In the southeastern United States, sea turtle hatchlings begin to hatch...

Attorney Spotlight: Terri N. Thomas

This month’s Attorney Spotlight introduces you to Real Estate Practice Group Shareholder Terri N. Thomas. Ms. Thomas represents local and national businesses, banks, and individuals in all aspects of commercial lending and purchase and sale transactions. She also handles the drafting and negotiation of complex commercial...