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Attorney Spotlight: Hugo V. Alvarez

This month’s Attorney Spotlight introduces you to Business Litigation Practice Group Shareholder Hugo Alvarez. Hugo V. Alvarez has successfully worked on a large volume of cases with significant financial exposure. Fortune 500 companies, prominent real estate developers, municipalities, insurance companies, hotels, financial institutions, condominium/homeowner’s associations and...

“Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here”

With apologies to Randy Newman and his classic 1970’s song, Short People, this refrain, “Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here,” equally applies to the lenders who must process and approve requests for short sales as well as the attorneys and closing agents and their...

Attorney Spotlight: Tyra N. Read

This month’s Attorney Spotlight introduces you to Real Estate Practice Group Shareholder Tyra Read. Tyra has 19 years of experience handling residential and commercial transactions throughout the state of Florida. Her experience spans real estate contract negotiations, closings, lease and easement negotiations, loan document preparation and review,...

Can Directors Vote Via E-Mail?

Q: I heard there was a recent change in the law which now prevents Board Members in a homeowners association from voting on matters via e-mail. Can you confirm this? Y.C. via e-mail A: You are correct that this change in the law for homeowners associations...