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Can Millennials Achieve the American Dream?

As the parents of two Millennials, my wife and I worry whether our children will ever be able to save enough to buy their first houses. Our children are both gainfully employed, one living in Philadelphia and one living in Washington. Both rent nice apartments...

Congress Gives Attention to Antiquated FHA Policies

FHA requirements that condominium property be at least 50% owner occupied continues to limit the ability for potential purchasers to finance the acquisition of condominiums. This policy is antiquated and bad for home ownership. As credit becomes more difficult to obtain for home buyers generally,...

Emerging Trend: Single Family Rental Developments

Multi-family apartment construction has been the engine in real estate development in South Florida and nationally for the last several years. The South Florida skyline continues to sprout new luxury apartment towers from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Lenders...