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Drafting by Committee Will Get You a Camel

There is an old saying, if God had designed a horse by committee, he would have got a camel. Sometimes, too many people get involved in a project and something that should be simple becomes overly complicated. I have often raised this over the years...

Letters of Intent: Helpful or Hindrance?

Many real estate and lease transactions begin with a letter of intent (LOI). An LOI is supposed to be a non-binding expression of interest between a buyer and seller of real estate or a landlord and tenant.  In a perfect world, the LOI should outline,...

On Bended Knee – Negotiating 101

It always helps to know what your client hopes accomplish in a transaction when you begin negotiations. It also helps to know the strength of your client’s position.  Otherwise, you can get your head handed to you.  And it is much better to be the...

Why Can’t We Be Friends? (apologies to War)

Negotiation of complex real estate documents is, by its nature, adversarial. Each side has to stake out its position and fight for the points that are important to them. Attorneys and brokers, as advocates for their clients, understand this. Each will be zealous in making...