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“Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here”

With apologies to Randy Newman and his classic 1970’s song, Short People, this refrain, “Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here,” equally applies to the lenders who must process and approve requests for short sales as well as the attorneys and closing agents and their...

New York Requires Banks to Maintain Zombie Properties

New York recently enacted the Abandoned Property Relief Act of 2016 ("Abandoned Property Act"), legislation designed to clean up derelict and unsightly abandoned properties, lost in the foreclosure process. New York, like many areas of the country, including Florida, is faced with the serious problem...

Single Family Home Rentals: Here for the Long Haul?

Following the housing crash in 2008-2009, a big part of the recovery was due to investors buying foreclosed single family homes and turning them into rental properties. While this investment had historically been a favorite market for investors, prior to 2008, much of this activity...

Emerging Trend: Single Family Rental Developments

Multi-family apartment construction has been the engine in real estate development in South Florida and nationally for the last several years. The South Florida skyline continues to sprout new luxury apartment towers from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Lenders...