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Executive Order: Broward County Realtors

On Monday, March 30, Broward County issued Executive Order 20-04 (effective Tuesday, March 31) to clarify the types of real estate sales and real property title services that are allowed to occur in-person as opposed to remotely or electronically. Per Executive Order 20-04, in-person appraisals, inspections, surveys, or other in...

Coronavirus Disrupts Major Projects

As most of us have adjusted to the new reality brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19), developers and lenders are forced to look at the resulting economic shut down on ongoing real estate projects.  When this virus first started making the news late last year,...

Attorney Spotlight: Cherrie F. Goudreau

This month’s Attorney Spotlight introduces you to Real Estate Attorney Cherrie F. Goudreau. With more than fifteen years of experience, Ms. Goudreau centers her practice on real property transactions. She assists clients with a wide range of real estate transactions and other associated areas of real...

Four Tips to Help You Make an Offer on a Home

Interest rates remain at historic lows.  Demand is higher and supply is tight.  The real estate market is hot.  But deciding to purchase a home is still one of the biggest financial decisions we will make in our lifetime.  We recently discussed how buyers can avoid...