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Attorney Spotlight: Hugo V. Alvarez

Attorney Spotlight: Hugo V. Alvarez

We’re proud of all our Real Estate practice team members and know that their dedication to quality service is what elevates Becker above the competition. Take a moment to get to know the talent behind your next transaction!

Hugo V. Alvarez

What is your favorite Florida neighborhood? Why?
Coconut Grove. The Grove has undergone a generational transformation over the past few years. So many new places to eat and the proximity to the ocean make it very inviting and a spectacular area to enjoy a few drinks at sunset while eating at one of the many new restaurants there.

What do you like best about living in Florida?

  • The Beaches
  • Spectacular Weather (mostly)
  • Sports Sports Sports
  • FOOD!
  • Easy International Access
  • The Cuban and Latin American culture and a strong sense of family and community.

What is your favorite company/business/organization in town or nearby? Why?
The Latin Builders Association and the Coral Gables Bar Association. These are two organizations I am involved with and both are active in our community while also promoting professional development.

What is the most surprising real estate question/issue you have heard or handled? What was your solution?
The brazen fraud that we saw during the Great Recession created unique legal issues that needed to be addressed. For instance, I worked on a case where the fraud was painfully evident. Our client had fallen behind on his loan and was in the process of being foreclosed. A short sale had been agreed upon and the parties were working towards completing that deal. However, a routine title search revealed the homeowners had deeded their property over to the “Claude Monet Trust.” The homeowners, of course, had nothing to do with that transaction, and denied ever selling it to the “Claude Monet Trust.” But that did not stop the brazen fraudsters from going so far as even filing a satisfaction of mortgage. As this was going on, squatters then appeared on the property, which further complicated matters. Fortunately, the notary who had notarized the deed was non-existent, and the doc stamps paid were improper, among other irregularities. We were able to work with the bank and get all of the fraudulent papers stricken from the court file without having to file a quit title action, and we were able to complete the short sale.

What are TWO TOP TIPS homebuyers should keep in mind when working with a title company?
(1) Read this blog post detailing Five Mistakes All First Time Home Buyers Should Avoid Making  (2) Keep up with all the free tips and information provided by Becker TITLE on our blog.



Hugo V. Alvarez has successfully worked on a large volume of cases with significant financial exposure. Fortune 500 companies, prominent real estate developers, municipalities, insurance companies, hotels, financial institutions, condominium/homeowner’s associations and general contractors have all sought his legal advice and deep local community ties to help get issues resolved. Hugo has been published in the Miami-Daily Business Review, appeared on CNN, and Spanish TV, and is often quoted in leading business periodicals such as the South Florida Business Journal on local legal topics.

Mr. Alvarez works closely with his clients to understand their legal needs and business. He does this by focusing on his client’s objectives and not just on a pending dispute. By being involved in every aspect of his client’s business he can help navigate his client’s directives and help avoid brewing disputes while also preparing for litigation.



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