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Attorney Spotlight: Philip C. Rosen

Attorney Spotlight: Philip C. Rosen

We’re proud of all our Real Estate practice team members and know that their dedication to quality service is what elevates Becker above the competition. Take a moment to get to know the talent behind your next transaction!

Philip C. Rosen

What is your favorite Florida neighborhood?

What do you like best about living in Florida?
• The beaches
• Spectacular weather (mostly)

What is your favorite company/business/organization in town or nearby? Why?
Publix because they do everything right.

What is the most surprising real estate question/issue you have heard or handled?
Q: Do you have to disclose if someone has died in a house?
A: No, you don’t.

What are three top tips homebuyers should keep in mind when working with a title company?
1. Communication between all parties is paramount.
2. All title companies are not created equal.
3. An attorney-owned title company is generally more qualified than others.



Philip Rosen is Chair of the firm’s Real Estate practice group. His practice is focused on commercial and residential real estate matters and business transactions. With more than 15 years’ experience, he has counseled countless clients through the life cycle of their transactions. His clients include investors, developers, REIT’s, commercial landlords and tenants, private and institutional lenders, franchisees and business owners across Florida and the U.S. He routinely collaborates with brokers, lenders, and investors to help push his clients’ deals across the finish line.

Philip also assists clients with all aspects of probate and trust administration, including marshaling assets, communicating and negotiating with beneficiaries and creditors, and the distribution of assets.



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